Supporting Industry

Non-Information technology

  • BFSI Industries are mainly looking for secured services for their business, for which JUARA has an excellent secured services in place.
  • JUARA solution helps BFSI Industries to reduce in capital expenditure
  • JUARA also well-versed in compliance management, as a result JUARA will in line with the expectation in services.
  • JUARA has a good amount experience in transformation and transition in BFSI Vertical.
  • JUARA also focus on supporting financial industry with secure backup and have proper disaster recovery solutions.
  • JUARA will also has a beautiful asset management solution to manage BFSI Vertical.
  • JUARA majorly focus on the product development in order help healthcare industry to manage their business effectively using our software.
  • To Support HealthCare Industry, JUARA has tied-up with major OEM’s , which they have beautiful cloud solutions which has readily available for supporting the healthcare industry.
  • Healthcare Industries are mainly focusing on the CRM application in terms of managing their business, for which JUARA team has fabulous CRM solution.
  • Healthcare back office industries are mainly looking for employee monitoring tools and techniques in order to manage their employees effectively, for which JUARA has a fantastic employee monitoring tool in place.
  • Insurance industry mainly looking for improved data management system, JUARA has the capability to provide a great solution.
  • Insurance industries are also looking for response time to agents, reduce-paper-work, automation processes, enabling agent to generate more proposal, ability to handle reinsurance, claim processing, regulatory compliance and security, for all these services are JUARA can enable IT as a Services (ITaaS) to support insurance industries.
  • Agency Portal Management, Medical Recording Management, etc. also be the key function for Insurance Industry, for all the JUARA has a good amount of experience in managing this industry.
  • In addition to supplying product to non-IT Industries, JUARA also focuses on managing their IT Environment end-to-end, for which JUARA has multiple module to propose based on the industry.